Sunday, December 10, 2006

Under the radar

Bloglines isn't picking me up at the moment, so it looks like it's just you and me around here. It's a little stark, I know. When I have time during the holidays, I'll spruce things up a little.

I was stressing over paper-writing the other day, so I took a break to go thrifting. It's one of my favourite things to do. I was pleased with my haul, too. My camera is acting up, but I'll show you a few things in the next post.

Till then, I'll be at my desk, working on a paper. There's a pretty good view from here, though. Mooky is an inspiration: pure relaxation in feline form.

(I'm about to cast on for my last Xmas-gift sock! The BLNXKF went into overdrive last night, as I watched Compulsion on TV and finished sock #5.)


Amanda said...

Hmmm....good thing I never bothered to use bloglines, I guess.
FYI, the feed picker-upper that comes with IE8 picked this up just fine!
That picture makes me want to rub some kittycat belly. Sadly, i have no cats at the moment, and will have to make do with some fuzzy yarn that sheds all over me (damn angora).

anne said...

Your XKF is far outpacing mine. You're gonna beat the holiday deadline by almost two weeks!

Funny how that type of productivity simply CANNOT be translated to schoolwork. Sigh.

Adrian said...

Ha! I love the banner. I'm still pondering. I got a banner to work, but it replaces the name of the blog across the top of the browser with the name of the graphic. Boo!

Bloglines is sucking for lots of people lately, I think. Sometimes it works for my blog straight up and sometimes I edit and save a post 10 times to get it picked up.

Aprilynne said...

that's odd, wonder what's going on with that? hmmmm... these things, they confuse me.

Hope you do well on your paper, and that you can stop stressing soon. Meanwhile a sweet kitty cuddle sounds nice

shannon said...

Too bad Mooky doesn't trust you enough to relax completely. Heh.

loriz said...

hiya! good luck with the paper writing. i too am writing a paper today for my pedagogy class. fun stuff.

low the orange (red?) chair. mooky looks so comfy!

btw, i'm happy to report that you now have an RSS feed that my reader (Sage via Firefox) picks up! Hooray!

Chris said...

Hee hee - that's a favorite Chaos pose, too!!

Michelle said...

P.S. I love this new look.