Thursday, December 07, 2006


Clearly I am procrastinating. I have a short paper due Friday that is really stressing me out, so I thought it would be a good idea to change my blog. I am not a rational person.

I want to put a nice new banner up there at the top. I'd also love to get rid of that ugly strip of Blogger propaganda. Can anyone tell me how to fight the power of Blogger and do these things?

By the way, I've finished the second pair of Xmas gift socks and started the third. I've been getting a fair amount done while on the bus.


carolyn said...

hello new brainy. man you've really shook me up this morning. i thought i was at the wrong place! :)

carolyn again said...

hold on a second, did you say two-week holiday???? ah, the pleasures of academia. :)

Adrian said...

Yup, you can get rid of that toolbar- here's how. You are breaking some blogger law by doing it, but I did it with my blog before I went WP.

You'll need to fiddle with the template a bit to put the banner up there.

Go into the template and scroll down past the CSS stuff to where it says < div id= "header" >

< h1 id=" blog-title ">
< ItemPage >< a href=" < $BlogURL$ >" >< / ItemPage >
< a href="" >< img src="some graphic you like" border="0" >< /a >

Email me if you have more questions. I love messing with blog templates.

K. said...

Love the new change! Change is good...

Paula said...

Easy switch to Typepad... :-)

Michelle said...

Um, hi. I thought you were deep under schoolwork and stuff and didn't think about not having a post from you for a while...and then I realized, "Hey, La Brainy hasn't posted in a good long while, and that's not like her." So instead of waiting for Google Reader to update you, I came and found WEEKS UPON WEEKS of posts to read. I feel so neglectful. I am sorry. I am going to catch up with you now.