Friday, December 01, 2006

Yesterday was freakishly warm here, and today I'm looking out the window and watching people scrape ice off their windshields. It's only right, though, now that it's December.

I've been surprised at all of the Christmas decorations popping up on people's front porches and visible through living room windows as I take the bus home in the dark each evening, but now that it's December, I feel like it's OK. Maybe this weekend I'll put up some lights in our front window and start thinking about Xmas cards and such. I know I'll be setting my desktop to the December calender from seamripper (enter the site and click on "fun") and starting on Leslie Harpold's advent calendar!

School has been busy, but classes end next week, so I'll just be writing a paper. The Brainylady Late-Night Xmas Knitting Factory (BLNXKF) has been in full operation, and I'm on sock #4 (out of 6). Bill and I have done a couple of fun things -- we went out to a nearby rep cinema last night to see Half Nelson, which was really good, and last Friday we spent a few hours walking around Old Montreal in the sunshine. This afternoon I'm going to do some thrift shopping, so wish me luck.

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