Monday, December 04, 2006

Weekend Thrifting: Part 1

Not a bad thrift yesterday. Bill was an excellent assistant, too. At one point I was looking at some yarn that had no label; thanks to Billy's cigarette lighter, it was quickly determined that we were dealing with acrylic. Then, of course, we had to move on and pretend that we hadn't caused that burning-plastic smell...

We went off to look at different things. After a little while, Bill found me and said he had "some magazines" for me to look at. A few 1980s crochet-pattern mags (bless his heart), and then this Patons Beehive booklet (jackpot!). All of the patterns are for Beehive Caressa, "the new Beehive wool with the new Llama finish." The book is undated, but it must be from the early to mid-1940s -- there's an ad on the back cover for the booklet "Service Woollies," which I'd love to find.

I have a bunch of these vintage pattern booklets. Maybe I'll knit something from them someday -- when I find myself with a 26-inch waist, perhaps? -- but I don't buy them for the patterns. I buy them for the photos.

(There's no shortage of such images online, but let me know if you'd like to see more. I really do have lots of these, and I love to look at them.)

First snowfall here today. Stay tuned for Part 2, in which I show off my new (old) Christmas ornaments!


sb said...

I can't believe we beat you on the snow.
Happy knitting!

Frau Wulf said...

Any idea the yardage on Caressa? This yarn is no longer available, and I've been trying to find a comparable yarn. I know the gauge, but I need to know how much to buy in order to make the jacket from the 1949 pattern book. Any information would be great!