Monday, November 06, 2006

Monster Sock Rally

A little late for Halloween, but these Frankenstein Monster Socks are still pretty frightening!

I started these socks almost two years ago, when the Stashbuster Spirals Socks were the pattern of the month in the six-sox knitalong. What a great way to use up some leftovers, I thought! Somehow this thought was transformed into the following: What an unattractive way to use up a bunch of wildly mismatched leftovers!

So I knit a sock and then thought, "Wow, that's one ugly sock." But I couldn't give up, because I am physically unable to throw out anything that is "still perfectly good," and handknit socks can never be all bad. So I knit most of the second sock before I just couldn't stand it anymore. For the past year or so, these socks have been the proverbial monkey on this knitter's back -- an ugly and obnoxious monkey. I hated to see them almost-finished in the drawer.

And this morning, I'd had it. I simply could not go on without finishing these damned socks. So I did. I finished them. And someday, if all of my other handknit socks are filthy and my feet are cold, I may even wear them.

(I know you are lovely and supportive people, and you may be tempted to leave a comment disputing the horridness of these socks. I can only assure you that they really are uhhhhh-gly, and that I'm OK with it. It's not like their ugliness was a big surprise.)

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