Saturday, February 12, 2005


So the new pattern over at the Six Sox Knitalong is called Stashbuster Spirals (I think it's OK to link to it -- it's just a regular website, no big secret). Sure, you could buy three balls of yarn, or find three solids in the stash, and knit these pretty socks, or you could bring out the big guns: self-patterning scraps. Here's what I've got to choose from:

sock yarn scraps

This is my stash of sock-weight scraps. (I also have enough Regia Crazy Colors leftovers for a pair, I think.) I was planning to finish at least one of my Dad's socks before diving into this wee pile, but I'm halfway through the foot and it's a gray sock and I needed colour! So I choose an obnoxious combination and started knitting at the figure-8 toe:

obnoxious sock

Do you love it? I do. This is definitely a case where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts; the Kroy Paint Box is too bright to be used on its own, the brown jacquard Confetti is too blech to be used alone (one of its main colours being, in Rachel's vivid words, baby-poop brown), and there isn't enough Regia mini-ringel to be used on its own for anything. But together! They sing! I feel like I'm making a tiny Fair Isle sweater for my foot! And just imagine all the other combinations. I'm definitely making a few pairs of these.

In unrelated news, I've been in contact with my dealer again. Mia has sent more Peace Fleece, in three colours including hot pink (Perestroika Pink, in fact):

pink PF

I'm thinking that somewhere between all the socks and the oh-so-tempting Mariah, a pair of warm, thick, Perestroika Pink mittens are called for. And other warm and fuzzy accessories. And so I pose the question again: how is Peace Fleece for felting?

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