Wednesday, February 09, 2005

It's snowing. It was just starting to melt! Enough, already!

I ordered yarn from a local store the other day with which to knit Mariah. I do not have time to knit Mariah. I do not know when I will ever have time to knit Mariah. Still, when the time comes, I'll be ready.

The yarn I ordered is Briggs and Little Regal, in brown heather. Seems a bit scratchy. Bits of bird's nest in it, like Peace Fleece. But it's Canadian (Canada's oldest woolen mill, in fact -- est. 1857), it's affordable, and its marketing is irresistable: "Try Knitting with the same yarn that your Grandma and Great Grandma used!" (I know, I know, the capitalization is irresponsible, but for some reason I'm finding it quaint in this instance.) Have you ever knit with Briggs and Little yarn?

Another question (because I'm feeling nosy today): does Peace Fleece felt successfully?

Happy Rooster Year to everyone! Gongxi fatsai! Xin Nian Kwai-le! Don't eat the shark-fin soup!

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