Wednesday, July 05, 2006

An open letter to Amy Singer:

I've always thought you were a lovely person, and I think it's wonderful that you have recently made the Leap to full-time knitworking. However, you have now done something that troubles me deeply.

As you may know, I am trying to pull together and finish writing a 150-page thesis this week. (My deadline was to be today, but has been extended to Sunday, so I'm still working on it.) I'm sure you have no specific wish to make this undertaking even more difficult for me than it already is, because, as I've already stated, you are a lovely person. Therefore, it is somewhat puzzling -- and, frankly, a little upsetting -- that you have chosen to post the summer issue of Knitty now, when I need to focus. Not only am I supposed to ignore the fact that 23 news patterns are there, just sitting there, saying look at me! look at my pretty pictures!, but these are patterns for socks and other projects that a person who should actually be writing a thesis can almost justify starting, because they're not major, and I've got sock yarn in the drawer, and I could just cast on and do a few rounds, and, and --

Damn you, Amy!


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