Monday, July 03, 2006

Thesis-related help needed!

Do I have any readers from Milwaukee? (Hellooooo, Wisconsin!)

I have just come across evidence that an original play based on the story of Evelyn Dick and the torso murder was workshopped/performed in Milwaukee last November, at a place called the Hot Water Club. It was called Torso: The Musical and was written by Kedrick Parham and Thomas Jacobsen. And all I can really find online about it is one rather obscure interview: "Torso: A Musical to Dismember!"

If you can give me anything, absolutely anything, more about this, you will be my hero, and I will be your best friend forever.


Anonymous said...

it was not good, the plot was convoluted, lyrics repetitive, and the characters came out and said narrated what happened instead of showing anything.

Oh yeah, bad dialogue too

Anonymous said...

I went to the Torso work shop, it was interesting. A lot of music and dark and it did repeat in some areas but entertaining