Saturday, July 15, 2006

Happy jammies lap

I've been binge knitting. Isn't this yarn gorgeous? The colours are so rich and saturated. It's a "potluck" batch from Cherry Tree Hill -- I bought this skein at City Knits in Detroit in March. (Did I even mention that day trip? I'm going to find a photo for you...) The woman there explained that the "potluck" skeins are dyed with leftover colours, so they're unique. This batch is mostly green, with some dark blue. There's a pooly-spiral of the darkest green on the leg, which is knit in a fancy rib pattern, but I'm doing plain stockinette feet, and the pooling is gone.

OK, so we went to Detroit one day in March to go to the Detroit Institute of Arts, which is the fifth-largest fine arts museum in the Unites States. Here's just a little bit of one of the Diego Rivera murals of Detroit industry, which occupy an entire room:

Across the street from the DIA is the library, and I took a picture of the entranceway because I have to believe that this is true:

Enjoy your weekend!

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