Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Meat Meat Meat

Damn, it's not working. I have a 20-page paper on postwar Canadian meat rationing due by five o'clock tomorrow, and it is officially the Last Thing I Want to Think About. I'm finding it much easier to daydream about knitting, say, Arisaig from my stash of vintage blue sock yarn than to write a coherent paragraph on the ways that media messages appealed to traditional gender roles to promote rationing of steaks and sausages. (Did you know that in both Canadian and American meat-rationing programs, poultry and fish were unrationed? People could buy and eat all the chicken they wanted, even on the "meatless" days.) Why didn't I choose to write on wartime knitting efforts? I'm so dumb sometimes. OK, I'm going to try that coherent paragraph again...

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