Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Just because you liked those needles so much, and because my cat is so handsome:

I don't know if you can find needles like this online somewhere. I bought them three years ago at a small craft-supplies store in Taipei (on the SW corner of the Heping-Roosevelt intersection, right by Exit 9 of the Kuting MRT station -- e-mail me if you want more info than that).

It was early in my knitting career, so I was all about big needles, big yarn, big stitches. When I wanted to get 8 and 9mm circs for some reason, these were the only ones that the store carried. One thing I like about them (besides the bling!) is that the plastic cord connecting the needles is quite thick. This is good for big stitches; it doesn't seem quite right to have some kind of bulky yarn hanging off the same tiny cord that would connect 2mm circs.

A closer look for you:

I have to go and finish the Meat Paper now. This particular paper is, for me, all about quantity, not quality. I may not have a point, but I will have twenty pages! (Don't try this at home. Quality is usually more important, but this puppy has been the bane of my existence this month and is due at five o'clock today.)

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