Thursday, April 20, 2006

I did finish my paper on time yesterday -- from four o'clock on, I had the Sleater-Kinney song "One More Hour" in my head ("In one more hour I will be gone, in one more hour I'll leave this room..."). It was an outrageously beautiful day, and five o'clock was not only the deadline for handing in the paper, but was also the time that the professor was going to start buying pitchers on the patio at the grad pub on campus. Pretty good incentive. Anyway, that's that, and I hope never to have the opportunity to use the term "meat paper" again.

Next: marking forty-five essays by Sunday afternoon. Ai-yi-yi...

(Mooky is very happy with himself at the moment: he just killed a mouse outside, brought it to our front door, and proceeded to eat the whole thing except the head. Ahhh, springtime!)

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