Monday, October 17, 2005

Birthday II: The follow-up

Thanks for the birthday wishes! I had a nice day, and then I went to a party where a classmate had baked me a birthday cake. (I can't remember the last time I had candles to blow out!) Apparently this is what I looked like when I saw the cake:

Yeah, I was a little excited, but I managed to stay cool and demure, as always. (And no, I don't usually wear a sheriff's badge when I go out -- it happened to be a Western-theme party. Really!)

The day after my birthday, it was Bill's birthday. That meant new handknit socks, done on the hush-hush, for my Billy:

(I have to keep showing you his feet so you know he really exists.) These socks were made with two balls of Schoeller & Stahl Big Mexiko (colour 7953), and there was barely enough. I knit the heel and foot of the first sock three times, shortening the leg a little more each time, because I kept running out of yarn partway through the toe! Luckily, reknitting worsted weight takes no time. Anyway, the socks were a hit. The colour/pattern reminds me a bit of a Cowichan sweater. This yarn would make cute and cozy mitts.

I have a ton of schoolwork and work-work to do in the coming week or so, so I may not be updating much. We'll see. (Let's face it: we'll see how long I can stand to have that ludicrous photo of me at the top of the blog.)

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