Friday, October 14, 2005

A birthday for me, and a present for you!

Me first: I'm 33 today, I have a brand-new sewing machine, and I got new yarn. Woot!

Now you: I can upload files again, so here's what I wanted to post the other day. I picked up a magazine of knitting patterns a month or so ago at an antiques shop in Paris, Ontario. It's a Canadian magazine, LUX Knitting Book, published in 1938 as a promotion for Lux soaps. As far as I know (and tell me if I'm wrong), I can post one of the patterns for you, since it is so old. First, to get you in the mood, here's an excerpt from the editorial at the front of the book:

What a joy it is to knit! To see the pattern take shape under your fingers ... to make those meaningless balls of yarn into attractive, useful garments! You've seen your friends in their smart hand-knits. Perhaps envied them?
Envy no more! I give you a tidbit from 1938: a pattern for sporty sockees!

They're cute, they're simple, and they have a funny name. If you'd like to knit some vintage-style sockees, click here. And if you make some, let me know!

The sun is shining here, and I have lots of chocolate. I hope you have a great day and a good weekend, too. (birthday) Mwah!

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