Saturday, October 22, 2005

Crazy busy

During the next week, I am supposed to submit the first draft chapter of my thesis, and I have to give a thirty-minute presentation on it in a colloquium. Then I have to get another funding application in the following week. Ai-yi-yi. I'm so sick of looking at my computer screen. Plus I've been having terrible allergy attacks for the past few days, so I've got that hot-dry-eyes thing going on.

No time for knitting, then, but I did manage a bit last week. The divine and oh-so-generous Ms. Em sent me some Knit Picks sock yarn, and I'm seeing if I can squeeze a pair of ankle socks out of one ball of Dancing:

You know what isn't very fun? Grafting a toe with yarn that is 7 percent elastic! Tricky.

It would be more sensible to knit a scarf right now than a pair of summery socks, but I was craving something simple, quick, and colourful.

Hey, have any of you (Canadians) seen the show "Talking Canadian" on Newsworld? It's on right now, but I saw it a few days ago, too. (If it comes on again, try to watch it. It's pretty entertaining.) Did you know, for example, that

  • apparently, Americans call a tap a faucet
  • we don't say "aboot," but we do say "about"; since Americans say "abaout," they hear us say "aboot"
  • words that are pronounced the same way in Canada, like "cot" and "caught," "stocking" and "stalking," are pronounced differently by Americans
  • and, shockingly, nobody outside Canada says they're "happier than a pig in shit"!

  • Mooky and I are amused:

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