Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Dig, if you will, some pictures

Remember waaaay back when I lived faaaar away and I used to show you photos? Yeah, that was fun. I'm going to do it again. I took all kinds of pictures on Saturday, the day that was two or three days in one. Clicking on each link below will, if all goes well, cause a picture to pop up in a new window:

We drove to Paris, Ontario, a beautiful and very photogenic spot on the Grand River.
Bill took this shot of a train crossing the bridge.
After Paris, we wound our way over to Thamesford, a small town on the Thames River. (Look at that sky!)
There is an old mill in Thamesford next to the river, built in 1898.
There is also a riverside park, where we found historical carvings by thirsty travellers of yore (perhaps a shopping list, from the pre-paper era?).
We hadn't even planned to go to the Western Fair in London, but drove past the fairgrounds on the way home and, made dizzy by the lights, couldn't resist.
We spent most of the evening in the agricultural buildings making eye contact with barnyard animals.

It was quite a day, in and around Paris and London, crossing the Thames. Ontario is hilarious that way; maybe next weekend we'll go to Delhi and Geneva. Yes, this province attracted an original-thinking bunch of settlers. Not quite ready to leave home, perhaps.

I shall leave you with a Western Fair lamb that simply wouldn't stand still. Have a lovely day.

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