Friday, September 23, 2005

Go Leafs

Only a non-knitter would (without a pattern) request handknit socks based on a hockey jersey -- excuse me, a vintage hockey jersey. Bill picked the colours for his latest socks, and he did indeed ask for socks that looked like the old Maple Leafs jersey. And, of course, I knit them, because I want him to continue to think that knitting makes me a little bit magic.

(OK, you're right -- it's really only the colours that are vintage Leafs, there should be another, thicker stripe... Doesn't matter. They have been approved by the wearer, and that's what counts.)

These were knit with my new favourite worsted-weight wool: Shelridge Farms Soft Touch W4. Love it, love it, love it. It's hand-dyed, so the colour is not entirely uniform; it's hardly variegated, but the slight variation in tone just adds depth to an already gorgeous colour (for these socks, Blueberry and Natural White). And it's machine washable! And very, very soft. And Canadian.

No pattern, just yer basic top-down, ribbed-cuff, eye-of-partridge heel, wedge-toe socks. I used a 3.75mm circular needle and cast on 44 stitches, increased to 46 after the 2-by-2 ribbing, and then after the heel only decreased the gusset to 48, since Bill has superwide feet. Socks in worsted wool take no time! Of course, it helps to do a few rounds while you're sleeping. Heh.

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