Sunday, July 17, 2005

Hanging with the Harlot

Stephanie came to my town yesterday with her book, her friends, her charming self, and of course her travelling sock.

After pawing various skeins at the yarn shop, I actually made a purchase: one skein of Fleece Artist merino sock yarn, which is destined for a pair of socks for Billy.

(Stephanie bought a pale blue skein, but it felt a little itchy to me. Nope, I didn't want that blue at all. And I nearly got a rash just looking at that green Celestial Merino. Poor Stephanie...)

Of course, while I was out knitting, pawing yarn, and drinking beer yesterday, Bill was home with one screaming cat (Bea), one mellow cat (Mook), and several closed doors. This morning we decided to take the next step and keep all the doors open, come what may. And you know what has happened?


Not a peep from either of them. Bea just hasn't taken her eyes off the Mookster. Right now he's sleeping on our bed, and Bea is watching him sleep on our bed. I was prepared for flying fur, so this is a huge relief. She just wants to know where he is, and who can blame her? Mooky weighs a full ten pounds more than she does!

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