Wednesday, January 05, 2005

They're here! They're here!

After spending three weeks on the road, my swap socks have arrived! Look at what Leigh made for my lucky feet:

I love these earthy greens. Leigh did a beautiful job. I hope you can see the cables and the diamond-pattern panel on the front. (Click here to look closer.) Thanks, Leigh! These are my first handknit-by-someone-else socks, and they're gorgeous to boot.

Bill and I are moving this week! We signed a lease yesterday on -- get this -- a big old brick farmhouse in the country. I'm so excited! The movers are coming tomorrow morning. We live now in a very small apartment, you see. I rented it for myself when I came here in September, and when Bill returned from Taiwan in November, the apartment shrunk. Since the apartment is so small, and since we knew we'd be moving, most of our stuff isn't even unpacked. This means boxes. Lots of boxes. Everywhere. And not only is most of our stuff packed in boxes, but it's all the good stuff we packed up to put into storage before we left Canada three years ago. So I'm dying to unpack. I probably have fifty boxes that I haven't opened yet. What's in there? Who knows? But the house we're moving into (yes, the whole house) is enormous, and there will be room for everything. Plus it's surrounded by farmland! It's a great spot. Yes, I'll put up some photos. First, though, I'll be away for a few days while I pack, move, unpack, and, somewhere in the middle of it, go to class. (I'll have to drive about forty minutes to campus now, but I only have to go twice a week.)

Talk to you soon! Hey, did I mention that Leigh sent me some lovely socks? See above.

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