Sunday, January 09, 2005

New socks

I finished a pair of socks a few days ago. Plain old stockinette socks, knit from the top down with short-row heels and toes, finished at the toes not with a three-needle bind-off, but with a two-needle / one-toothpick bind-off (patent pending) -- didn't have a third needle at hand, but they turned out just fine:

purple Opal socks

The yarn (Opal) was supplied by the generous, and now blogging, Mia. I'm curious: when socks are finished, would you rather see a photo of the socks lying flat? Or do you like to see them on feet? I like to see them on feet.

So we're in the farmhouse now, and it is goo-oo-ood. No photos yet, but I will post some. I just haven't quite mustered up the energy to go out in the snow and take exterior shots yet, and there are still a fair number of boxes around, so no interiors. But it's really wonderful, and the drive into London is no big deal. Plus the most sweet/hilarious thing happened today: Bill and I went to the store/gas station down the road to rent a movie, and we asked the guy working about finding a grocery store in town. He gave us directions, and we were chatting (we're on a first-name basis now); he had to get our address for the movie rental, so I told him, and he said, "Oh, so you've rented Lloyd Dobler's place?" Yes, yes we have -- that information will be all over town by sundown, no doubt. Then, the guy waiting behind us said, "You say you're going to the A&P? I'm heading there myself, if you'd like to follow." I felt like I was in a movie about city folk who move to the country. So cute!

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