Saturday, January 15, 2005

The farmhouse

the backyard

looking south from the house

You can see why I'm happy about this move, right? This is the farmhouse we've moved to; the third shot is the backyard and fields beyond; the last shot shows the view from one side of the house (I was in the driveway with the house behind me). We're in love with this place. Still getting things organized inside, but it's getting cosy. Unpacking has been fun: I'm finding clothes and dishes and things that I haven't seen in three years. There was a bit of a flood in the basement yesterday; that's when you're glad you're only renting.

I'm totally behind in my blog reading. Unfortunately, we can only get dial-up Internet access out here, so I haven't been spending much time online. As for my own knitting, I'm working on another pair of socks. Am I in a rut, or on a roll?

Oh, and I have TV! We have a satellite and all kinds of channels! And the only thing I know I have to start watching is Lost, at Em's recommendation. Man, it takes a long time to ease back into your own culture. Seriously; I thought it would be a snap to come back to Canada, but I'm still in transition.

OK, I've got lots to read, and other work to do. During my breaks I'll try to come and read your blog. And I'll be back here soon. Normal! Soon! I promise. :)

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