Saturday, November 27, 2004

Cable rhapsody

It's a nice day here today: mild and sunny, with a few clouds and a bit of a breeze. No snow -- the dusting of the other day didn't last. I have lots of reading to do when I get down to business in a few minutes, but for now, I'm listening to DNTO on CBC. Saturdays are lovely, aren't they? I hope you're having a lovely one.

As I wait for Rachael's yarn to arrive so I can knit a sleeve for her Retro Prep, I'm working on a Retro Prep of my own, which has been dormant for a little while. Remember the beautiful violet Peace Fleece that Mia sent me? The Peace Fleece that I knit up into a batwing sleeve for the Everyday Cardigan? I scrapped the cardigan plans and knit both sleeves for a Retro Prep pullover about two months ago, and then I put the project aside. The Peace Fleece is a bit like twine (it even smells like twine), so it's not a luxurious knitting experience. I couldn't bear the thought of knitting up the whole body of a pullover in stockinette, so I decided to add a cable. After looking around for a good cable that would be interesting but wouldn't demand too much attention, I settled on the front section from a man's sweater called Rhapsody in Tweed (scroll down), in the fall 2004 Interweave Knits. Here's what I have so far:

one cable repeat done

I really love cabling. I love seeing how something so simple -- manipulating a few stitches here and there -- can produce something that looks so complex. I love the traditional knitting-ness of cables. Cabling sure beats the pants off plain stockinette.

Oh, and in case you're following along at home with the Six Sox Knitalong, I opted out of the third sock. The pattern didn't rock my world. The fourth sock starts on December 1, and I'm feeling sockish, so I'll probably get back on track.

OK, back to the books. This week: Arthur Kroker, Harold Adams Innis, and Dallas Smythe. Sexy stuff.

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