Thursday, September 16, 2004

Not good, not good at all

Wearing tops with batwing sleeves was pretty cool when I was about in Grade 5, but it's not a style I ever want to revisit. Yet this seems to be where my Everyday Cardigan is headed. Nooo!

Holy batsleeve!

If I follow the pattern, my sleeves will be 19 inches (48.25 cm) around my upper arm. But my actual upper arm is only 11 inches (28 cm) around. (Except when I flex my bicep -- then it's... let's see... 11.2 inches! Take that!) This leaves a lot of room in that sleeve. I don't want that much room.

I'm at the point in the first sleeve where I've knit 12 of the 21 called-for increase rows, and I don't want it to get any wider. (In the photo, the sleeve-in-progress is 58 stitches across; according to the pattern, it should end up being 76!) I could just stop increasing now and knit straight for the rest of the sleeve, but then it would look really weird, wouldn't it? Like this:

bad sleeve increases

OK, I've just done a trusty Google search and found Polly's account of knitting this sweater. Oh my, she actually outlines how she streamlined the sleeves -- thanks, Polly. (Note to self: research knitting project before knitting.)

Bye bye, batwing!

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