Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Nut butt

I'm in the library at school, which is where I've been spending much of my time. The good thing is that I'm feeling pretty on top of my schoolwork, but the bad thing is that I just want to get going on my thesis. Courses, schmourses! No real thesis work until next summer, though, when I'll be putting together a formal proposal.

Something I've been noticing a lot of on campus (and a bit around town) is what I suppose is par for the course in a university town: peurile graffiti. Not even graffiti, actually, but specifically the removal of letters in signs in order to make new, pottymouth messages. I see it a lot. And you know how, once you start to notice something, you see it everywhere? That's what's going on. Everywhere I look. First it was on the big sign in front of the corner store close to my house. One day it read TRY OUR PEANUT BUTTER SQUARES! The next day? TRY OUR ___NUT BUTT__ SQUARES! Tee hee giggle giggle!

Just now on my way into the library with my travel mug of coffee, which is permitted because it has a lid, I was confronted with this sign: LIDDED D_INKS ALLOWED. Hoo hee hee! Downstairs, I see, library patrons are alerted thus: YOU ARE ENTERING A QUIET STUD_ AREA. Yuk yuk yuk! See? I can't avoid it! Ah, this crazy ivory tower. Somebody give these kids some scholarships!

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