Monday, October 11, 2004

Happy Thanksgiving!

No family turkey dinner for me tonight, but I do have a box of instant stuffing bought specially for this occasion. (Is that sad? I'm really looking forward to it!) If you are having a big Thanksgiving dinner, enjoy the gravy and think of me. (I don't eat the bird, but if I'm home for a turkey dinner, I smother everything in gravy. I'm hypocritical contradictory like that.)

I just heard on the radio that Christopher Reeve died. He was such a handsome Superman, wasn't he? I was only six when that movie came out, so I must have watched it a few years later on VHS (remember when you rented the actual machine along with the movie?), because I remember it clearly. I wanted to be Lois Lane, and I knew it was possible, since she was Canadian, unlike everyone else in the movies.

Back to the books...

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