Sunday, October 10, 2004

More complaints

I need a car! I waste so much time on buses -- actually, no, waiting for buses. This city is big enough to have buses, but small enough that the one I need on a Sunday runs once every hour. I ended up walking really far today. (But it was nice and autumny -- about 15 degrees and sunny.)

I've got no beer! In this province, only people with the capacity to think ahead may drink beer on Sunday evenings, because you have to buy beer at a special beer place before five o'clock. That was six hours ago! How could I have known I'd want beer?

I can't rent bad movies! I have to write a paper in the next two weeks and was planning to illustrate my argument with the classic motion pictures White Men Can't Jump and Money Train, but the two big-chain video-rental stores I've been to don't have them. Huh? Since when did movie renters tire of Woody Harrelson's mid-1990s goofy white-guy schtick?

I have no time to knit! What more can I say about that? I know you're feeling my pain.

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