Monday, October 04, 2004

I'll take Whining for five hundred, please, Alex

The answer is, "German philosopher Max Horkheimer, the history of the Frankfurt School, and the development of critical theory."

I know this one: "What must I present on for forty-five minutes in my class tonight?" For six hundred, please, Alex.

And the answer is, "You knit a pair of mittens in three days."

Um, "How can we tell that I had to prepare for a scary forty-five-minute presentation this week?"

Correct. "Blah, dull, uninspired, directionless, neglected--"

OK, that's enough! The question is, "How would I describe my blog lately?" Whining for eight hundred, please.

"She bites."

That's easy: "What does Beatrix do every time I try to pet her these days?" What's up with that? Why does she hate me?

I don't know, but she clearly does hate you. The next answer is, "An autobody repair shop."

"What did my one-month-old phone number used to belong to, as evidenced by the number of calls I'm getting about autobody repair (which supplement the calls for Lisa, Kia, and 'Riley's mom') that are the result of people calling my number intentionally?"

That's right. and for one thousand dollars, here is the answer: "In 1987."

Hmm, that's a tough one. Is it, "When was the last time my face broke out in this much acne?"

Correct! We have a whiner!

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