Friday, October 01, 2004

On the other hand...

I finished the huckleberry mittens. They will be cozy. It turned out that they are more blue on one side and more red on the other side, which I like:

blue side

red side

I like the Mountain Colors 4/8's wool a lot. It's not supersoft, but it's not at all coarse or scratchy, either. Nice, solid wool.

Cats are such gossips! I don't have a sign up outside that says "Kitty Smorgasbord," so I can only imagine that it is word of mouth that is bringing the cats. A couple of hours ago, a black cat came into my house! He said, "Is this the place with the free food?" I said, "Hey, the food is for my cat! Get out of here, and tell your friends that the gig is up!" Sheesh!

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