Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Just a few

It's my last night in Taiwan. Mixed feelings, of course, because I'm returning to Canada without Bill. No mixed feelings about leaving Taipei, though: happy, happy, happy.

I'll put lots of Malaysia photos on my photo page eventually, but for now I'll just show you a few. First, here is a picture of true bliss: me in a hammock on a tropical beach (check out that sand!):

ahhh, this feels good

Do you love monkeys? I love monkeys. They are so bizarrely human-looking. In Sarawak, we went to the Semenggoh Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre in the hopes of seeing some of its semi-wild orangutans. At one point, a mama orangutan came wandering out of the forest with her baby:

mama and baby

Isn't she beautiful? The orangutans were fabulous. At the same park, there was a very friendly little gibbon. Bill and I arrived when no one else was around, and this gibbon came and hung out with us for a while:

funny little monkey

Spending most of that last two weeks outdoors was wonderful. I knew I'd missed nature, but I had no idea how much. Of course, I also went to the cat museum in Kuching. It was hilarious. Pure kitsch. Mostly it was filled with cat figurines -- everything you can think of, made of every material, in every pose. The walls were covered with cat posters, cat paintings, and cat photos. There were even taxidermy cats and a mummified cat. Craaazy. I took lots of photos, but now I'll just give you one. I should win a prize for posting this, I think:

no dignity in this

OK, I have to run. Packing calls. Next time I write, I'll likely be in North America. See you then. xo

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