Tuesday, August 17, 2004


I'm back! I'm back!

We came back a day early (lots to take care of in Taipei before I leave on Thursday morning), so we got in very late last night. What a wonderful holiday. I will tell you more about it, and I will definitely show you photos, but I'm not that organized yet. Still dealing with heaps of smelly laundry and a very needy and vocal cat.

Since my last post, yes, we did see orangutans, and we also saw proboscis monkeys, macaques, and gibbons. We hiked in the jungle and swam in the sea again. We got lots of sunshine and fresh air. We bought a couple of beautiful objects. I read Perfume and The Da Vinci Code. And then yesterday we took three separate flights to get back. Aiyo!

I'm sleepy. Thank goodness for pizza delivery. ("No corn! Wo bu yao corn!") I'll write again soon. I'm back!

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