Saturday, August 21, 2004

Brainy got back

At this moment, I'm sitting in my old bedroom in my parents' house. Beatrix is climbing around, sniffing everything -- this is what she has been doing since we arrived on Thursday afternoon. The flight was fine, but I really, really don't ever want to do that again with a cat. Too stressful for both of us. But we made it and we're here.

I'm completely unable to answer simple questions like "Are you happy to be back?" and "Do you miss Taiwan?" I'm just so in-the-moment right now, and it will take some time to process what I've just done. All I know for sure is that I wish Bill were here (we'll be apart for about six months). And that it was awesome to walk into the local bookstore yesterday and just grab the fall issues of IK and VK off the magazine rack!

I won't be able to show you any photos for a little while. While I'm here in B.C. I'm on my mom's iMac, but she doesn't have Photoshop. I think it'll be September before I can deal with photos again -- by then, you'll be thinking "Malaysia? That's, like, so last month."

Anyhoo, I'm off to have coffee with a friend I've known for nearly all my life, so that's a good thing about being here. Oh, and I went for a swim in the lake yesterday morning -- my parents and aunt go several times a week, weather permitting -- and I was such a wimp! The water was way too cold for me. I lasted about five minutes. It was definitely odd to sit on the beach under an evergreen looking out at the lake of my childhood, having been on a beach last week, under palms and jungle trees, looking at the South China Sea. Oh, what a zany world.

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