Thursday, August 05, 2004


I'm saying that a lot: "Ahhhhhh." Hello from tropical Malaysia!

It's midday on Friday, and there are so many things to tell you! Most exciting is that Billy and I are certified scuba divers! Crazy. We finished the Open Water Diver course last night. We've been on four open-water dives in the past three days, and people, it is awesome. We can go down to 18 meters, and the dives were 40 to 45 minutes. There is so much going on down there! It's brilliant. We saw a big hawksbill turtle; I could've stayed and watched it all day.

The weird thing is that I still feel like I'm on a boat. Gentle waves, up and down. It's not bad, but I'm not on a boat, so it's a little curious.

My ankle didn't bother me as much as I feared that it might. Seems to be healing fine. What a relief.

We did hook up with our friends at the airport in KL and spent about four hours together before Bill and I jetted off up the Malaysian coast. It was really fun to see them. Since they're at the end of a two-month trek through Southeast Asia, they were brown as nuts. I still had my office pallor. But I'm working on it! Wearing SPF15, but I'm getting some sun and looking like I do indeed spend time outside from time to time. If I'd gone directly home from Taipei, no one would believe I'd spent the last couple of years in hot and sunny Asia.

Today is a full-on do-nothing day -- my first in ages. I've got my eye on a hammock down at the beach. There will be reading, there will be knitting, there may be card games and naps. It's all just good. (This is where we're staying, if you're interested.) Tomorrow and Sunday we'll dive. Monday or Tuesday we'll head to Sarawak, where we'll probably set up base in the city of Kuching and make day trips into the jungle. Definitely a day at the cat museum there. At least an hour in the museum gift shop.

OK, I've gotta run -- for a couple of reasons, actually. (Oh, come on, we're all friends here.) I'll probably get back online in three or four days. I don't have time (or, can't afford the time) to check blogs, so I just hope everyone is well. Leave me a comment so I know what's going on! I miss my daily blogs, but boy, I really don't miss spending all my days at a computer.

Not that I'm totally free of responsibility and decision making. Now, shall I have fresh pineapple juice or a mango shake with my fried rice for lunch...?


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