Saturday, July 31, 2004

Should I stay (up) or should I go (to bed) now?

It's not even midnight, and I'm seriously doubting the wisdom of my stay-up-all-night plan. If I'm too lazy to make a pot of coffee, it doesn't bode well for my chances of staying up past three, does it? Hmm.

I just bound off the first toe-up mini-ringel sock (colour 5343), so I guess I'll start the second one. The pair was to be my holiday knitting, but even though I'll be gone for seventeen days, I think one sock will be enough to see me through. I imagine I'll be too hot to be knitting much of the time, plus I want to get some reading done. Anyway, if I finish it early, I don't care. There's always napping.

What a busy day! I went to a pet store to buy a travelling case for Beatrix. I got her a collar, too, so she can wear an ID tag on the trip. She wasn't too happy about it for the first few minutes, but she seems to be over it. (My cat Mooky will not wear a collar. We've bought several for him; he goes outside and comes back later sans collar. He's a tricky one.) I also took Bea to the vet for a rabies shot.

(Does anyone else find it a little unsettling that the importation of cats into Canada is handled by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency?)

I finally handed off all my leave-behind yarn to a beginning knitter who wanted it all. (Lucky her! There was a ton, plus most of my straight needles.) I took out all the garbage and two bags of paper to the little toothless man who rides around with his bike piled to the sky with recyclables. Did laundry. Washed dishes. Packed. Deleted a bunch of e-mails.

OK, I'm going to go and see what's on TV. Besides CNN, Discovery, and Animal Planet, all the English channels are movie channels. Why are they showing such bad movies on a Saturday night? I tried to find something to watch at nine o'clock, and my best option was The Blue Lagoon (yes, the one with Brooke Shields). Yikes. I think it's time to go to Emergency Viewing Plan B: my VCD of Bring It On. Oh, yeah. This isn't a democracy -- it's a cheerocracy!

I'll be back in Taipei on August 18, but I'll try to blog while I'm away. (One of the places we're going only has electricity for part of the day, so I'm not counting on Internet access.) I'll miss you! See you in a few weeks, if not before. xo

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