Friday, July 23, 2004

Real-life guerrilla knitting

Check it out: Knitters for Kerry. Wow. (Link found on Steph's blog.)

Ooh, plus there's an inspiring knit- and thrift-related article in today's Guardian: "Fashion on a shoe string." Number 2 on the list of 10 Chic Commandments?

Learn how to sew and knit. Without these skills and the know-how they give, you remain a passive lummock in an exploitative market place.
Of course, we knew that already. And some wise words (which could certainly be applied to yarn as well as finished garments):
You are the mistress of what you wear, not the other way around. It may have cost almost nothing, but make up your mind that once in your hands it may as well be couture and treat it accordingly.
Have an excellent Friday.

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