Saturday, July 24, 2004

Paper chase

You may remember that when Beatrix first came to live with us last Christmas, we often caught her playing with the toilet paper rolls and thought it was funny and cute. Well, seven months later, here's what I came home to yesterday:

scene of the crime

I felt like I was on CSI taking photos of this disturbing scene. (By the way, why aren't more toilets blue?) And then who should appear but the prime suspect?!

prime suspect

Rather than showing any remorse, the suspect dove right into the evidence itself, behaving like a whirling dervish, as you can see. Not a shred of guilt among the shreds of paper, despite stern words about toilet paper not growing on trees. Eventually, exhausted by her reverie and drunk on her own guilt, the suspect collapsed atop the evidence.

giddy & guilty

She was issued a verbal warning. In response, she bit the hand that feeds her.

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