Thursday, July 15, 2004

Celebrity crush

I suddenly have a crush on the utterly charming Alfred Molina:

There is a lovely warmth and ease to Molina. When he was in his 20s he looked old for his age; now he looks young. His hair is thick and wavy and black, his eyes (so often cold and menacing on screen) are a soft, dopey brown. He's an unlikely mix -- oafish, sexy and a little maternal....

Throughout his life, Molina has defied expectations in a gentle, unassuming way. He prefers clothes shopping to football and has set up a girly-man group with fellow actor Gary Oldman for fellow heterosexual girly-men. He married the actor and author Jill Gascoigne, who is 16 years his senior....
Do read this interview in the Guardian. Charming.

Who's your celebrity crush of the moment?

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