Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Loving the knitters

Thank you to everyone who left a comment on my last post. I needed that support, and it's really interesting to hear that my experience is not unique to Taiwan or even Asia. (I wasn't even considering stopping the blog, but thanks for encouragement there, too.)

So I'm feeling the knitblogging love today. It feels warm and soft, and just a little scratchy -- ooh, is that Kureyon?

For now, I'll leave actual knitting content to others. You know, others who are actually knitting. Yes, people do knit through the summer, and I've noticed an extraordinary number of impressive finished objects recently: Anna's Onde tank, Aven's summery poncho, Becky's Audrey sweater, Brenda's pink Opal socks, Clara's Carla sweater, the supercute outfit at Froggy's, the Harlot's newest socks, Kat's red Stripes Go Round top, Kerstin's Frolic top, Melanie's complete Fiesta tea set (and the other adorable tea sets in the works), Mindy's groovy ChicKami, Rock Chick's Maggie G. halter, and Stephanie's Danielle tank. There are others, of course. (Non-knitters, would you be shocked to know that there are more than 460 knitting blogs on the Web?)

Plus, other knitters are making progress on awesome projects: Nicole is knitting a Noro Retro Prep sweater, and Nipper is working on a wavy-line sweater.

Stefanie has just put a free pattern up on her blog: check out the mini sweater (a.k.a. the boobholder)!

And Cari, Em, and Rachael are just awesome in general, so I'm linking to those ladies for no particular reason.

Have a look at Kerrie's fabulous belly and make your guesses about the baby.

Then go to the Knitattoo gallery, scroll to the bottom, gasp, and covet.

Not surprisingly, this quiz tells me that my job sucks. (Quiz link via Marielle, whose job also sucks.) I scored 46:

Your job is mind-bendingly bad. So incredibly bad. So shooting-spree inducing bad. Why are you in it? Is it deeply rewarding work? Are there a few kindred co-workers whose positive spin make the whole mess bearable? Are you shlepping through two more years of this hell so you can escape into a well-respected, well-salaried position? You had better hope at least one of the above is true, or otherwise your life is on a one-way train to Stinksville.
Good news: Bill and I are going to spend a little over three two weeks in Malaysia (including Borneo) starting August 1 -- the tickets are booked. It'll be all about diving, snorkeling, jungle trekking, taking photos, seeing orangutans and zany birds, drinking cold beers and eating great food, and just all-around chillin' like Bob Dylan. Yee-haw! I'm getting out of Stinksville, my friends.

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