Thursday, April 22, 2004

Earth Day

alison: Hey, Happy Earth Day!! (13:29)
danny: Happy Earth Day. (13:29)
danny: What are we supposed to do today? (13:30)
alison: What does that mean exactly? (13:30)
danny: jinx! (13:30)

Knitting blogs without photos are really boring, aren't they? We've installed a new system on our laptop and managed to install most of the necessary programs, so I should be able to do a Show and Tell for you soon. For the last couple of evenings, Bill and I have been watching season two of 24 and I've been working on my feather and fan scarf. Three out of four rows are garter stitch, so I can watch TV. I knit a lot of this scarf during the season one DVDs last month, actually, so I feel like I should call it the Jack Bauer or something. The Lacy Keifer? Mmmm, Keifer...

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