Friday, April 09, 2004

Absorb this

Rene Liu is speechless when asked if she'd dress up as a maxi-pad for her wedding

Actress and singer Rene Liu had a rough time Saturday at a press conference to promote Whisper maxi-pads for which she is the most recent spokeswoman. The company had organized a mock slumber party for Rene and three models, who were to discuss the merits of the supposedly revolutionary pad. Rene was dressed in all-white casual gear, while the models were done up in night gowns designed to look like maxi-pads. When the press conference started, according to The Liberty Times, one of the models asked Rene if she would wear the maxi-pad gown to her wedding, to which Rene responded: "For the first time, I really don't know what to say." So, having not gotten an answer out of Rene, the model turned to the crowd of reporters and asked the same question. The reply came quickly. "Can you hurry up and finish this press conference?" A photo with the report shows Rene burying her head in hands.
From the "Pop Stop" column in today's Taipei Times. Sadly, the "night gowns [sic] designed to look like maxi-pads" were not deemed worthy of a photo. Awfully comfortable, though, I bet.

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