Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Light blue

No need for suspense; that's the colour I chose for Grace. Light blue. Click here to see all the colours of Schachenmayr Hair: mine is #55. I fondled #14 for a while (a rich terracotta that reminded me of naturally bright-red hair), but I decided on the blue. I actually had no blue clothes at all besides jeans until I bought a light blue cashmere cardie last year, and I love the colour. (Most of my clothes are black or autumny -- dark red, green, brown.) Plus I loved the colour combo of a sweet little top that Stefanie made a while back (click here and scroll down to the Adriafil Tank). In my stash, you see, I have a ball of very fine (25 g = 250 m) deep pinky-red mohair that my friend Claire gave me for Christmas (a Japanese brand that I can't remember right now), so I'd like to hold it together with the blue on all the edges of Grace. And then I think a floofy flower will need to be added somewhere. But I'm getting way ahead of myself now.

In any case, the Must Have is now known as the Must Finish Before Starting Grace, so instead of swatching with the mohair last night, I cast on for the second front piece of the cardigan. I'm just finishing the fifth ball of Patons Classic, and the pattern calls for seven, so I seem to be right on track, even though I'm making every single piece an inch longer than the pattern recommends. (Not that there's anything wrong with a bolero...)

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