Sunday, February 15, 2004

I love knitting cables! I'm working on a sleeve of the Must Have cardigan, and it's so much fun. I'm going by the book, using the yarn recommended in the pattern: Patons Classic in colour 229 (Natural Mix). Here's my progress so far:

I added half an inch of ribbing to the cuff, for no particular reason. I'm not fast, I just spent a lot of time knitting today. Bill was in the Philippines last week, and he came home Friday with some DVDs, including Lost in Translation, which we watched tonight and loved. (The only thing I found unbelievable was this: If Charlotte was really a knitter, as we are led to believe by a scene in which she has a scarf in progress, she would not have spent so much time sitting on the windowsill doing nothing, now would she have?)

In case you don't know what the finished Must Have cardie looks like, click here. (Mom, can you believe I'm going to make this?)

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