Monday, February 16, 2004

I don't think I'm going to do any summer knitting this year. I think 2004 knitting will be all about warmth, since I'll be leaving Taiwan at the end of the summer and moving back to Canada, and from about October on, I'm going to appreciate all the hand-knit sweaters, socks, and hats I can get. The Must Have is priority number one at the moment, until I lose momentum. If I get tired of it before I finish, I still have a pair of Koigu socks to finish (about two inches to go on the first one) and a lace panel sock to start and finish. Plus, I have the top-down Canadiana raglan cardigan: two inches to go until I join it under the arms to work the body in the round. Since it's all stockinette, I'll probably pick it up when I get fed up with either the Must Have cables or the Koigu sock's teeny tiny needle. Plus, an order of Kureyon (colour 131) is on its way as we speak, destined to become a Rosedale pullover.

So that's where this knitter's at. It's a good feeling, having no deadlines on any of these projects, other than wanting to finish them so I can show you! But it's warming up here, so I'm in no immediate need of new wool sweaters. I can take my time. And who knows; I may continue to be in love with knitting the Must Have until it's done, which, at this rate, will take... 8.45 weeks?! Oh, what do you know, Madame Glitchbane.

As well, of course, I'll continue to print out free patterns that I find online at such a rate that I'd have to quit my job and knit twenty hours a day to have any hope of making them all. But yesterday I found something that I will make: a log cabin blanket, as described clearly, and with pretty pictures, by Kay at Mason-Dixon Knitting. I love this. Look at how gorgeous and easy it is! Think of the possibilities with colour! And -- ooh, I just thought of this -- I could also make big log cabin squares, felt them, and make throw pillows! I'm going to be freezing next winter, my friends, and I want to be surrounded by as much warm woolly knitting as possible! So here's to 2004: the Year of the Monkey, the Year of the Sweater, and the Year of Warm Winter Knitting for this lady.

(Disclaimer: This declaration is subject to change without notice, pending the arrival of the spring issue of Knitty and other cute and sassy warm-weather knitting projects.)

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