Wednesday, February 04, 2004

By the way, I chose to go home and knit on Monday night instead of going to see Whale Rider. When I left work it was cold and raining outside, and when the weather is like that, well, I wanna go home.

I did the calculations for a top-down raglan and cast on with Patons Canadiana. It's worsted-weight acrylic; according to the ball band, I should get a gauge of 20 sts./10 cm on 4.5 mm needles. And yes, I did. However, if I were to knit a sweater at that gauge using those needles, the resulting dense fabric would be able to stand up on its own, and I probably wouldn't be able to bend my arms while wearing it. Not what I'm looking for! I tried again on 5 mm needles, and it wasn't much better. So now I'm using 6 mm needles, and the fabric seems OK. (It's very solid yarn -- feels more cottony than woolly.) No photos yet, as it's just a few inches of black stockinette. I have three balls of black and one each of a couple of greens and a couple of blues. This will be my first sweater! It'll have a V-neck and stripes! Beyond that, I have no idea what's going to happen! OK, enough exclaiming.

I think I'll go and look up something in my new Chicago Manual. ::she glances dreamily at its orange cover:: Well, right after I take one more of these quizzes (but then I'm going to stop, I swear!):

Dorothy Parker
Dorothy Parker writes you, you wonderfully urbane,
witty boozehound, you.

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