Thursday, December 04, 2003

In the summer, I made a little top-down raglan with Regia Crazy Colors for my friends' little boy. They've just sent me a photo! Look, Noah's wearing his crazy sweater:

what a cutie!

He will be two in January. I'm happy to see that the sweater is roomy. This was the one where I had to unravel the neck and make it bigger: I picked out the cast-on edge at the neck, and then knit the neck ribbing up from the live stitches. It ended up being very stretchy, which is perfect for a toddler, as their heads are enormous in proportion to their wee necks. Anyway, I may never see Noah wearing this sweater in person, so I love this picture.

I picked up a little something on my way home from work yesterday. Well, a little bit of a big something, actually:

it's the Sony DSC-P72

I'm very excited about this! Once I figure out how to use it, you will definitely know; be prepared for a barrage of photos!

Me: Look at me -- I've got a cell phone, I've got a digital camera, where is all this going to end?

Bill: Grad school.

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