Wednesday, December 03, 2003

What a nice surprise!

I discovered today that Brainylady has been chosen as one of this month's top ten blogs at BlogsCanada! To any visitors that are here via that list, welcome. To the folks at BlogsCanada, thanks for finding me even though I'm a long way from home.

You may remember a short while back that a discussion of names took place in Rachael's comments (the absolute best real-life name, clearly, being Fonda Cox). Today I found this story: Man changes name to Bubba Bubba Bubba. No, not just one Bubba. Three Bubbas. He's B.B. Bubba. He's Bubba B. Bubba. "The name's Bubba. Bubba Bubba Bubba." No word on whether he is married to Mrs. Bubba.

Some new words aren't exactly bootylicious. Poor Beyonce isn't thrilled that her word has become dictionary sactioned:

To be honest, I hate the word.... Now everywhere I go, everybody is saying 'booty-this' and 'booty-that' and it's really irritating.
In India: Schoolteachers angered by ban on knitting.

No ban on knitting here! I think I'll finish my lovely mini-ringel sock tonight and cast on for the next. Cheers, from Brainy Brainy Brainy!

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