Tuesday, December 09, 2003

(Graphic is from New Zealand's Sunshine Books.)

A quick jumble of links for you this morning, and hopefully a photo or two later tonight!

Nursery rhymes produce warped view of dangers of head injury:

So exactly what was that old man doing -- and who was he doing it with? -- when he went to bed and bumped his head and couldn't get up in the morning?

How come no one called child protection authorities about the baby in that cradle in the tree top?
This is a good read: Whatever happened to the teenage rebel?
Nicholas Ray's Rebel without a Cause (the poster had the slogan "Teenage terror torn from today's headlines") was a pop sociology soap opera, where Dean was inarticulately troubled by his sexuality, the breakdown of the family (Dad's wearing an apron!) and the meaninglessness of it all. He was a Southern Californian Hamlet. Dean had a tragic cool. Now we can treat that with Zoloft.
It is officially the first day of the Christmas season in Taipei! How do I know? Every weekday, I walk through a big park on my way to and from my office. There are lots of flowerbeds in the park, and they always look beautiful -- because about once a month a couple of truckloads of gardeners swoop down, dig up every last flower, and plant a new set. Spring? Pansies and daisies! I suppose there needs to be some way to differentiate the seasons in a place where there isn't a remarkable difference. Yesterday, the flowerbeds were purple and yellow. (Sorry -- I don't know what the flowers were.) This morning: poinsettias and orange marigolds! Hello, Christmas!

Five cool projects you can finish in time for the holidays: wine-glass charms, chunky knits, grosgrain ribbon belts, scented candles, and soap. (Don't miss the photo of a luscious pile of yarn....)

Whatever the season, please don't let your pets eat your yarn! This poor little kitten managed to swallow 80 centimeters of wool: Billy the kit is a real knit. Talk about a yarn diet...

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