Sunday, December 07, 2003

Encore! Encore!

Noah in Regia!

Noah would like to thank you for your lovely comments about him and his Regia sweater. Or maybe he's saying something about his diaper; it's so hard to tell at this age. Either way, look at that smile!

I started 2L's second Xmas sock last night while watching Frida. Because the yarn is so colourful and a bit heavy, I'm doing a k5p1tbl ribbing on the leg. I haven't ripped the first (little arrowhead lace) sock yet, though. I'll show you a photo before I do that. I'd take a photo now, but my camera is full. We were in a grocery store last night, and when I realized I had my trusty new camera with me I started taking pictures of some of the food. However, I guess it's set to take the hugest possible photos, because after ten shots my "memory stick" was full. I'll show you some of those soon, too.

I'm thinking that I should start a separate blog for Taipei photos and other non-knitting stuff. Similar to Girlreaction versus Duff Does Chicago. What do you think?

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