Thursday, October 23, 2003

Random thought: I think I inhale too many liquid-paper fumes at work. Seriously. My brain has been in a very low gear for a solid week now. I'm becoming an idiot savant, sans savant. Maybe I should knit up a quick cotton hanky in case I start to drool. When I'm awake, I mean.

I pulled out my chunky top-down raglan last night and started a sleeve. Perhaps it's because I'm knitting a sock on dainty toothpicks, but I just couldn't get into the chunky sweater-knitting. I caught myself thinking about ripping out the whole thing and realized that it's time to put all that chunkiness away for a while. I'm certainly not going to force myself to knit something when there are ten other things waiting on my to-knit list. I should really think about Xmas gifts anyway, shouldn't I? (My Grade 2 teacher told us never to "take Christ out of Christmas" by writing Xmas. Why do I remember that but forget to bring a snack to work? Sheesh.)

Hey, did you know that Margaret Cho has a blog?

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