Friday, October 24, 2003

I went on a drive today down the California coast from Oakland! Thanks to Rachael, that is. (You can, too; just click here.)

I'm not a ripper-outer. Unless I make a serious knitting error, I will keep going. Last night, however, I had no choice. "When a good time turns around, you must RIP it," I said to myself. "You will never live it down unless you RIP it."

See, I'd made a mess of my mini-ringel's short-row heel. Knit, wrap, purl, wrap, repeat: no problem. In the other direction, however, I was all like "What wraps?"* I couldn't figure out how to pick up the damn things. Plus I remembered why I prefer heel flaps: I've got big ol' feet. I've done a couple of short-row heels, and they're shallow. I knit an entire toe-up sock at the Crotch and then realized it fit like a sausage casing. So. I ripped the mini-ringel's heel back. And now I'm going to flap it. Flap it good.

(Weird confession-ish thing: I had a anxiety-filled dream last night that I was caught in possession of a porn video -- starring Pamela Anderson -- at my office! What is THAT about?!)

* Sorry -- I have a special fondness for such patterns: "She was all, 'Dude, seriously,' and I was like, 'No way!'"

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